Essential Oil Class Descriptions


Emotional Aromatherapy and Optional Group Meditation.

Emotions are processed throughout the body and affect us at a cellular level. Some feel great others feel heavy. Modern scientific study of the influence of aromatherapy on emotions is confirming what people of the world have know for centuries….that the delicate and complex aromatic compounds of pure essential oils can be used effectively to help balance emotions and brighten moods.

Come learn how essential oils and some self care techniques can help to deal with a variety of emotions at this workshop. A short guided group meditation will bring this informative class to a close.

Essential Oils 101

Healing” or “Wholistic Health”….What do these terms mean to you? With so many new “experts”, new products appearing on shelves and vast information surrounding natural remedies, this topic can feel extremely overwhelming. The result of this overwhelm is a constant return to pharmaceuticals to help their health concerns. Sadly, most doctors won’t recommend a natural solution, so it is up to the consumer to be their own best advocate and claim the gift of wellness.

In this free workshop, Michelle Dionne-Nisbet of YogaPath will demystify essential oils and share how these natural, plant based compounds can be extremely beneficial to many aspects of of health care. Information on how to use essential oils safely and effectively will create the availability of a new tool for health and wellness.

Natural First Aid Kit

Did you know that there are natural alternatives to everyday products such as “Vapor Rub”, “Polysporin” and even “Rub A535, that will provide the same, if not better results, help boost the immune system and contribute to better overall health?
Spend an evening with Michelle Dionne-Nisbet of YogaPath and learn how you can create your own Natural First Aid Kit using essential oils and other natural products to enhance your own health and wellness.

Managing Seasonal Allergies Naturally

Has Hay Fever ever forced you to stay indoors? Does the sight of dandelion fuzz make you run inside? Is an antihistamine part of you daily routine? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this workshop is for you! Join Michelle of YogaPath to learn how to manage seasonal allergies with natural products that will make going outside a pleasure!

Sleep Management

Sleep! We all need it, however, it can be difficult to get.
Join me as we discuss why sleep is so important, how to get quality sleep and different ways to accomplish this. We will touch on movement, stress management and essential oils.


Essential Oils for Gardening Workshop

Spring is in the air and if you are like gardening, you probably have your vegetable garden planned, a list of annuals and perennials you will be planting and perhaps even have your seeds ready to go. Join Michelle of YogaPath as she shares how you can increase yield, keep the pests away and encourage stronger plants in a natural organic way. A workshop that you don’t want to miss.

Natural Summer Remedies

With Summer fast approaching, we begin to turn our attention to all the different items we may need such as bug spray, sunscreen, hand sanitizer, bug bite relief and so much more. What if there was a way to make all these products with natural, non-toxic, organic ingredients?
This workshop explains how we can prepare for summer and not have to worry about extra toxins.

Essential Oils for Athletes

Whether you walk, run, or go to the gym every day, this class is for you!
Anyone who has ever done any athletic activity can agree that it can tax your body and make it sore. Essential oils are perfect companions to support healthy lifestyles from soothing muscles or enhance performance.

Lemon, Lavender and Peppermint….Oh My!

Come spend some time with Michelle as she explores 3 amazing essential oils. You will leave with a better understanding of essential oils and 101 different ways to use them! A great introduction to essential oils that you won’t want to miss!

Mood Management with Essential Oils

We all have moods: good, bad, happy, sad….but did you know that you can support the with essential oils?

Our mood affects us mentally, emotionally and physically. Symptoms, such as headaches, brain fog, feelings of hopelessness, pain and even difficulty breathing can make us feel even worse,

Spend a relaxing evening learning how essential oils can help you manage your moods, gain some insights and perhaps some relief.

Natural Solutions with Essential Oils

Learn how to incorporate essential oils into our homes, schools and workplaces to replace harmful chemicals and their not so welcomed side effects.

Gain some insight on how we can boost our immune system and stay healthier all year long.

Medicine Cabinet Make-Over

What is in your medicine cabinet?

Did you know that there are natural alternatives to your everyday products that will provide the same, if not better results? Also, that these natural alternatives can help boost your immune system and contribute to better over all health?

Come spend an evening with me as I provide information needed to re-vamp your own medicine cabinet and begin incorporating a more natural way of living!

Cleanse & Restore

Have you always wondered what exactly is a cleanse and how can it help you?

Join me as I guide you through the ins and outs of cleansing, offer some tips, provide some personal stories for inspiration and answer all your questions. My free gift to you with class attendance and full cleanse participation is my health and wellness coaching during the entirety of the cleanse!

Chakra Tune-Up with Meditation and Essential Oils

Chakras are the energy centers of the body which keep our energy flowing. This invisible energy, called Prana, keeps us vibrant, healthy and alive. So to ensure that our Chakras function at their very best, let’s give them a tune up!

Join me as we focus on each chakra to support them with a short meditation, an essential oil and a brief explanation on each.

Stress Management

We all have stress in our lives to varying degrees, but what can we do to manage stress and prevent it from dragging us down and taking over our lives?

This workshop will deconstruct stress and introduced different methods to manage stress, from breath, mindfulness and essential oils.

Michelle Dionne-Nisbet is an experienced and certified Yoga and Meditation Instructor, Self Care Advocate, Essential Oil Educator and Wellness & Business coach. Loving what she does, she brings a mindful and light hearted approach to all her classes, making everyone feel comfortable and at ease. If you are interested in hosting any of the above classes, please contact Michelle at

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