The Alchemist: Book Review

Photo Credits to Tonya & Shauna at YFT

Photo Credits to Tonya & Shauna at YFT

I was asked to write a book review for the Yoga For Today newsletter. The last book I actually finished ( I usually have 2 or 3 on the go) was The Alchemist. Rarely does a book take me on such a journey that I actually shift things in my own life because of it. Now don’t get me wrong, if I could have a flying broom, be able to flick a wand and be magical or have a Warewolf or Vampire as a friend, I certainly would…who wouldn’t…right?

So without further ado, here is my brief review as posted in the newslette:

Santiago, the Shepherd Boy, embarks on a treasure hunt that takes him from the hillsides of Spain to a port in Africa, then into the desert towards the great pyramids of Egypt. Who he meets along the way and what he learns will change his life forever.

What began as a dream and was encouraged by a gypsy woman and a king, turned into an epic adventure for young Santiago. Leaving everything he knew behind, he takes a giant leap of faith and goes where no one in his family has gone before…in search of a treasure that he is not even sure exists. He experiences setbacks, one by the hands of a thief that gets away with everything he owns, but he also gains knowledge and self respect as he learns new skills and grows into someone he can be very proud of. The characters he meets, especially the Alchemist, give him wisdom and the guidance he needs to keep moving forward to succeed. He receives countless lifelong lessons, that readers can also learn from, and soon he discovers that by listening to his heart, following his dreams and not giving up, the treasure he seeks is closer than he ever imagined.

imageThis novel puts into words the journey many of us go on as we dive deep into our soul to the quest of self discovery and awareness. We all have a treasure we seek and by observing Santiago’s strength and courage, it may invoke a new passion to continue to dig deep within ourselves.

Happy reading and let me know what you think!

Love &Light

Yoga For Parkinson’s Disease

I love my job…I feel so privileged that I am able to teach yoga and meditation full time and get to work with some amazing individuals on a daily basis. However, sometimes a class comes along and teaches me more than I could ever teach them and touches my heart deeply. This is the case with my class at Parkinson Alberta.

The courage, resilience, hard work and positive attitudes of the men and women who consistently show up despite the obstacles they must overcome, demonstrates that if there is a will, there is a way. I am always humbled that they come to my class. Did you know that one of the winners of the Amazing Race had Parkinson’s Disease? This fact not only gives me inspiration, it reinforces that anything is truly possible!

Parkinson Disease is a neurodegenerative disease that robs people of their motor functions due to the death of the cells that normally produce dopamine. It is a movement disorder. Some of the symptoms of Parkinson are fatigue, sleep disturbances, constipation and problems with hand writing. Also, the voice can become quiet like a whisper; movement becomes small, more like a shuffle; smiles become nonexistent; and tremors shake parts of the body. And then there are the emotional concerns of stress, anxiety and depression. Medical treatment is used to help with some of the symptoms and it is also strongly recommended that physical activity is consistently done. Yoga is an amazing complementary therapy for movement disorders as it exercises both body and mind, provides a way to fight back against the disorder and creates an opportunity for fellowship and social support.

The weekly yoga class at Parkinson Alberta focuses on ways to help with movement, balance, breathing, strength and emotional wellbeing. Big movements are done to keep the body limber and to help with day to day tasks of getting dressed, brushing teeth and putting on shoes. Balance is practiced, as it is an everyday challenge for people with Parkinson’s. Deep breathing and working with different breathing exercises help with projecting the voice and keeping the lungs functioning at their best. Building strength helps with stamina. And a relaxing guided meditation at the beginning of the class sets the stage for a mindful practice where stress and worry are encouraged to take a back seat. Together, the class meets challenges with humor, compassion and focus. They refuse to let Parkinson’s get the better of them, they continue to show up in their lives and live! They are my teachers!

The difference I see from doing yoga these past few months with these individuals is astounding. Arms are above the head and big smiles are visible…I truly have the best job in the world and I am so blessed!

Inner Fire Luminary

imageI am very excited to announce that I have been welcomed into the Inner Fire Luminary Program! Inner Fire is a Canadian Company that creates lifestyle clothing that fosters connection and honors Mother Earth. Their core values are: Respect for the planet, Nurturing of global community, helping one find their inner passion and promoting peace through positivity, laughter and mindfulness…the same values I hold dear! Visit their website at and use my personal 15% discount code (michelled) should you decide to make a purchase. Let’s support these companies who are making a difference!

New Journeys and Opportunities

This year has been amazing this far. I have learned so much about myself and I turned 40!

I have embarked on yet another path, where I have jumped in whole heartedly into the world of essential oils. The option of having a natural solution to so many ailments is wonderful. As my body begins to detox and release all the toxins that I have been hoarding, I begin to feel lighter, airy almost. I notice that I am much more sensitive to things…or perhaps it is that I am more more aware…my allergies have been extremely manageable, and I haven’t taken a single medication for it! Thank you lemon, lavender and peppermint!

Because of this renewed love affair, I have been sharing my discoveries with family and friends, and really any one who will listen to me. The result, I have created another aspect of my business, which so nicely flows into my existing work. So much so, that I now incorporate essential oils into 2 of my weekly classes and use the oils to enhance my own personal meditation practice as well as help others too.

When you believe in what you are doing, there are no boundaries, when you believe in yourself, the solar system is the limit!

Essential Oils

Pure Essential Oils can be difficult to find but their natural benefits are amazing.

I am so happy to be an Essential Oil Wellness Advocate with doTERRA oils. Their oils are so pure that most can be ingested to enhance their therapeutic quality even more.

I am passionate about using essential oils to replace chemicals and toxins from my environment and I would love to share that knowledge with you.

I offer free essential oil classes at the YogaPath Home Studio but can also come to your home or business to share this info as well.

Please contact me at to book a class today!

What yoga is…



The A-ha moment

I have been questioning the purpose of my life and if in fact I am on the right path to fulfill my dharma. So I decided to take a workshop this weekend without any expectations, just to give myself some me-time to recharge and re-energize. What happens instead, is many moments of just pure enlightenment. Not only did I get affirmation that yes, I am on the right path, but I received the permission to be happy doing it as well as the support and resources I need to reach my goal. I have always believed that when you are ready and open, the teacher or lesson will present itself, and today…well…it was my day.

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